A group of us came up with the brilliant idea to have a Friday sweatpants day at work. I put together a little memo to make it official. You can't go wrong with sweatpants.


Holiday Card

Sneak peek at our holiday card! Pumped to get them signed, sealed and delivered!


Pearl Izumi Ads

Came across these print ads by Anthony DiNicola. After completing a rugged 50k on the North Shore of Lake Superior I can respect the sentiment. I love the collage style illustration combined with the photo treatment.


Stride gum

What a cool surprise to open my gum pack and find this cool illustration. Love the copy too; "Spearmint combines minty fresh taste with the majestic power of spears."


Denim POS

Came across this while researching instore displays. Had to do a double-take!


Finnsisu site

I've been working with Finnsisu ski shop for the past 4 years on various design projects, the most recent being a complete redesign of their site, finnsisu.com. This was a combined effort with programmer Charlie Keller. I will be posting full details on the site and other designs for Finnsisu soon!


Allan Peter's Badge Hunting

I always enjoy checking out Allan Peter's blog for inspiration. He has an awesome eye for finding those mid-century typographic gems. Check out his most recent post: http://allanpeters.com/blog/2013/09/23/badge-hunting-holz-farm-eagan/